The 100m2 dining room can comfortably accommodate all guests and visitors. The table has a maximum of 16 seats. For dinners with more guests, up to 30 people, there are two extra tables: one with 10 seats and the other one with 4 seats.

SalasSala de Jantar

The kitchen is spacious, fantastic for large cooked (has all kinds of pots and accessories) and sophisticated cuisine. Has formal dining service, markers, wine glasses, champagne, etc. The table has seating up to 16 people seated (in addition to the guests, six guests for lunch or dinner). The utility room has wine cellar and the kitchen, as well as refrigerator and freezer vertical, all machines such as microwave ovens, garbage, do juicer, electric juicer, coffee machines, chef electric mixer, etc.

This kitchen is a privileged space to be cooking with friends.