The private atmosphere, the wonderful house and the surrounding landscape of Herdade da Chaminé provide the perfect décor for promotional actions of very exclusive products. All products representing an exclusive selection or a perfect life experience as, for example, cars, watches, parfums, cigars, find here the perfect décor for their launching, by means of a lunch on a cold, sunny day, followed by a walk and a cigar at the fireplace. We organize this lunch which you will offer to your clients: the perfect experience for the perfect presentation of your products.

In summer, the lunch may be served at the swimming pool, where you can rest a little while and be invited to the presentation of the ultimate car model or the best drink to have on the best moments of your life.

Herdade da Chaminé is able to organize a corporate lunch of up to 30 persons (seated) on weekends – Saturday and Sunday, and equally during the week. If you book two days with us, your clients will benefit from two alternatives in one invitation.

For further details, please contact Bexclusive, the company that organizes and presents the respective event, and is responsible for the specific product communication, which can make the difference in the planning of such events.

Best regards